Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Hills are Alive

Definitely feeling extremely worn out this week. But a good one I believe. Last night I spent the night with Libby Francis( bestie and maid of honor) and she said I woke up freaking out and saying stuff about wedding...UGH. Here we go again, sleep problems, dreaming about wedding cause I guess my mind wants to think about it during the night too!

-Dotter, I put a random picture for you cause you like pics on blogs, so you will read mine :)

Tonight, Travis' family starts to come in!!! Yay!!! This makes it closer and becoming more "real". Yesterday, I took my bridal portraits and that was crazy and fun to be a bride :)

I am going to write a book. The book will be called "If you only knew...the wedding guide to girls who don't wear pink."

Probably the most frustrating aspect of wedding planning is RSVPS. Travis and I agreed that we will never let an invite ever go unanswered and answer back by an appropriate time preferably when we get it. I know its hard making commitments far in advance, but to the family it is polite to reply and respectful to the planning, time and money.

Also, wedding etiquette must be taught somewhere in life before college. I never knew until I started planning a wedding! But... If your invitation says "Ms. Alaback" you may not bring a date. The family specifically asked for you and counted you only in their numbers and budget. However if it says "Ms. Alaback and guest" they have allowed you to have a guest. Just so anyone knows :)

Our hearts are ready. We've been preparing for awhile and the Lord has us at a prime spot. Praise the Lord for His leading and time.

If you are coming to our wedding we ask you this...come into the sanctuary and wedding ready to worship with us and praise God for this covenant called marriage that we get to be a part of the rest of our lives! You are coming to support us and encourage us in this! Thank you so much for reading and I know you play a role in our lives!

Tricia (and Travis)

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